Smart People, Smart Growth: The Dunes’ Commitment to Sustainability

Built on the former site of military base Fort Ord, The Dunes on Monterey Bay is recycling on a grand scale. Designed as a live/work/play community, the master plan offers smart growth, sustainability, and more. Overall, The Dunes on Monterey Bay will create over 5,000 jobs. Its new transportation network will feature a transit hub, bus priority access through intersections, bike routes, and pedestrian paths. Planning is ongoing for the proposed multi-modal corridor. It will add 42 acres of parks, open space and trails. For its many merits, The Dunes was selected as a California Catalyst Community by the State Department of Housing and Community Development. The Dunes will be working with the State of California and the City of Marina to further its commitment to environmental sustainability, innovative land use, improved air quality, and green building strategies. For example, low water use landscaping, high efficiency washer/driers in units, dual flush toilets, urban densities on re-used land to preserve open space, bike and pedestrian pathways throughout to promote alternative transportation and EV charging stations at fast-casual restaurant site.