Background History

The Dunes on Monterey Bay is an infill development in that it is the redevelopment of a portion of former Fort Ord site. In 1994 the United States Army closed military operations at Fort Ord as part of the Base Realignment and Closure process of the Department of Defense after 70 years operating as an infantry training installation. The closure constituted a major social-economic change to the Monterey Peninsula, and particularly in the City of Marina. The base closure left behind a community ready for a change. Opportunities for establishing a sustainable infrastructure, updating facilities to current standards, and preserving the environment were poised.

The Dunes on Monterey Bay is a public-private partnership reuse and redevelopment project for the purposes of improvements to the current neighborhoods and surrounding areas, fostering economic growth in the City of Marina and the region, and generating new employment opportunities. The Dunes will have generated nearly 800 new construction jobs, and at build-out will have generated 4,700 new permanent jobs and 1,237 new homes for rental and ownership, with a variety of housing types at multiple levels of affordability.