What is Sustainability?

Over the past 30 years, the concept of sustainability has evolved to reflect multiple public and business perspectives. Common to both perspectives is recognition of the need to support a growing economy while reducing the social and economic costs of economic growth.  Sustainable development can foster policies that integrate environmental, economic, and social values.

Guiding Principles

Sustainability principles guided the planning and development of The Dunes on Monterey Bay, and sustainable strategies were incorporated to increase housing supply and affordability; improve the relationship between jobs and housing; stimulate job creation and retention; enhance transportation choices; preserve open space and supplement park amenities; promote public health; reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy conservation and independence.

Fundamental to the success of The Dunes on Monterey Bay as a sustainable mixed-use community is its interconnection with local and regional programs. The Dunes provides an origin and destination for multi-modal demand within the region, providing opportunities for new ridership and a destination for existing and future users.

Optimize growth areas – The Dunes is supported as a preferred growth area of highest development intensity, so as to preserve valuable open space.

Provide an integrated community
– The Dunes incorporates a compact mix of housing and commercial uses that encourages the use of alternative modes of travel, and provides for home based occupations.

Preserve natural and cultural resources – The Dunes retains existing topography and minimizes cut-and-fill to the extent possible. Quality existing structures are retained for adaptive reuse. Compact development reduces encroachment into nature and provides a variety of open space opportunities.

Expand transportation options – Planned an extensive transportation network of arterials and local roads accommodating bus and rail transit, bicycle routes and pedestrian pathways (as noted above). Planning is ongoing for the proposed multi-modal corridor that runs through The Dunes.

Fiscally responsible – As part of the redevelopment process, the Dunes was found to be fiscally positive and would not add further burden to the City of Marina.


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